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KMT Aqua-Dyne for Reliability! 

Nothing eats into profits faster than unreliable equipment - that's why in order to maintain grueling 24/7 operation and production schedules, top industry users specify KMT Aqua-Dyne Equipment, as today's reliable source for waterblasters and water jetting accessories.  Let us show you how environmentally friendly, water blasting applications can increase your profits and save you time.


KMT Aqua-Dyne for Leadership! 

Those who know pumps recognize that KMT Aqua-Dyne's sophisticated designs and advanced materials provide unparalleled reliability at outstandingly low cost of operation.  For over 37 years, KMT Aqua-Dyne has been the water jetting industry leader with the innovative development of pumps and accessories needed for today's tough industrial cutting and cleaning jobs.

Aqua-Dyne Support & Technical Service Team

KMT Aqua-Dyne for Craftsmanship!

Available in standard or custom designs, and built for stationary or portable applications, KMT Aqua-Dyne's rugged equipment is engineered with high safety factors to comply with today's recommended operating standards.  KMT Aqua-Dyne's modern plant is equipped with CNC machine tools and complete test & gauge equipment.

KMT Aqua-Dyne for Quality and Service! 

KMT Aqua-Dyne's  commitment to customer service goes hand-in-hand with quality control covering new and renewable parts, equipment and accessories.  Our commitment is proven in our ISO 9001 Certification and we are always investigating continual improvement with Six Sigma methodologies and cross-training our employees.

  KMT Aqua-Dyne Waterjetting Products are Made in the USA!

 Aqua-Dyne Technicians & the BLASTMAX GA Pumping Unit   

Additional KMT Products & Services:

KMT Waterjet

Since 1971, KMT Waterjet Systems Inc.,
the Global Leader in Waterjet Cutting
Technology, has manufactured precision
accurate, high pressure waterjet pumps
with pressure up to 90,000psi/6.200bar,
cutting nozzles, abrasive systems and replacement parts
(values, fittings and tubing).

Call: 800-826-9274 e-mail:

H20 Jet

H2O Jet is where innovative products, quality performance, and dedicated service combine to provide superior waterjet systems and components for our customers.  H2O Jet manufactures Flow compatible waterjet replacement parts and components.

Call: 866-WATERJET (928-3753)   e-mail:

KMT McCartney Pumps for LDPE

KMT McCartney Products Home PageKMT McCartney Products include high quality, ultra-precision standard or custom machines and parts for low density polyethylene equipment (LDPE) industry. Equipment includes injection pumps and precision-machined parts used in low density polyethylene.

Call:  800-826-9274   e-mail:

KMT Aqua-Dyne

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